Monday, August 15, 2011

Craft Store Procrastination

I am tempted to go out fabric shopping today.
I have a flyer with a ton of coupons. It seems like an OK thing to do,  a pleasant or even happy affair, after all I am an artist that has been working primarily in fabric for the past 4 or 5 years. It's tools of the trade, necessary stuff.

Here is the problem.
I have a glorious stash! Not just bits and pieces but... yards and great grand chunks of lovely lovely fabrics. I look at them and love them. I see the potential in them, the animals and objects that will surely emerge when I take them into my hands. It is the same way that paint and pencils have always hummed for me with the need for use.

There must be enough in my tiny space for hundreds of creations.
 I have curated my collection over the last few years building it up with yardsale finds,  cast offs, donations, fine quilting fabrics, and splurges on gorgeous designers. 
 (Hello trip to Mood in NYC anyone!)
 I can really say that I have some great stuff.

So why then the need to hit the store?

I have decided that it is just another form of
 A pleasant diversion to keep me from working.

 There is nothing out there that I don't have here
 that going out there keeps me from being here. 

If I go to the store things will most certainly cry out to me.
 I will feel the rush of creative thought, that I guess is kind of like a drug for me.

 I love the way that potential feels,

 how quickly the ideas and uses come to me there,
 but like any good high... it wears off
 and then there it is at home in my studio consigned to a shelf
 while I rush off to see what else strikes me fancy.

Well, I am going to call my own bluff.

I am challenging myself to make do with what is here for the next few weeks,
 which is kind of  laugh because what I have here is pretty darn nice.

Let's see what happens.

Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Things ( a note to myself )

1. Remember to skip Thursday next week, it's time to move on, it's just not working out. Replace it with either another Wednesday or Friday, whatever seems appropriate at the time.

2. Find out where all the laundry is coming from. Look in particular for extra children or spouses that may be hiding in the house.

3. Check and see if the clone I have been asking for has been delivered. If it has, set it up in the kitchen with a to~do list.

4. Clear up some space in the studio. Don't let working on the floor become the only option.

5. Remember to breathe. Try to smile.
 This IS it, stop waiting.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Un~Fabulous (a day in the life)

Sometimes, when I tell people that I am a full time artist, I get a response like, "Well, that must be nice. I wish I had that kind of time." Now, I do admit.
 I have one of the best jobs in the universe and I am amazingly blessed to be able to pursue my dreams....
but I think it's funny that the idea of a full time artist triggers this landed lady sort of let's do lunch vision in the mind...

(insert artists face here)

 Like so many women, my career is only a small facet of what I do in a day... I am also a fulltime mom, housekeeper, wife, washerwomen, cook, tutor, game warden (dogs, fish, mice), ect ect.. and in reality I spend a great deal more time keeping this house and family up and running then I get to spend on my ~art~and ~creativity~.
 It can be rather unfabulous....  

...but also really glorious at the same time!
I love my job.

Do I work better if the bathroom is clean? I think I actually might! LOL

On most days I catch one or two hours for my own work in the morning between housework and running errands and then I go back to work again after homework, dinner, and bedtime for kids, usually around 9pm. I am pretty much building a business fueled by caffiene and insomnia!Not quite the life of leisure... but

maybe it's ok to prolong the misconception...
is it so bad to have people consider you lucky... or think of you as living some idyllic dream of what it is to be an artist? Maybe it adds allure... I don't know.

Shall we do lunch?